Craft Supplies Mystery Box or $25 DIY Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the Gifts For My Girlfriends Giveaway Hop hosted by BloggerPR!  September is Women’s Friendship Month, so we decided to celebrate our girlfriends!  In honor of these friendships, we have put together an event to highlight some of the best gift giving ideas for our girlfriends!

Here at DIY Experiment, one of our favorite things to do with our friends is crafting.  Because, let's face it – creating is more fun in a group!  We've put together two great prizes that you can choose from. 

1. An awesome mystery box of crafting goodness.  Whoa, right?  May contain beads, yarn, fabric, sequins, lace, paper, and so much more!  OR

2. A $25 Gift Card to DIY Experiment Shop.  Offering lots of fun stuff like kits, beads, papers, and other fun bits.  This hasn't launched yet, but is scheduled to launch approximately Oct 1st.

Winner will get to choose.  Open worldwide, too!  Woohoo!

Enter in the easy peasy rafflecopter form after the jump. 

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How To Hem Jeans and Leave the Original Hem

Did you know you could hem jeans and leave the factory hem intact?  I had heard about this a few times, but couldn't really visualize how it was done.  When Cathy at Sidetracked Mom shared this tutorial, I had an A-HA moment. 

From Cathy:

I’m short.  Five foot nothing, to be exact.  I have a 28” inseam.  Most of the jeans and pants I buy pool at the end of my leg on the floor, even with high heels on.  I was taking my jeans to a tailor – but that was costing me $20 each time!  Add that on to the cost of a good pair of jeans… Ouch!  And, because jeans today usually have a worn edge on the hem, I was usually dissatisfied with the newly folded clean edge I just paid for.  In fact, I have a pretty expensive pair of jeans sitting in my closet, never to be worn again because they look so obviously tailored and it is just not attractive.  (Unless you are my husband reading this… in that case, no such jeans exist!)
I was at my mother-in-laws one day and somehow the topic of having jeans hemmed came up.  She told me she had hers hemmed but I couldn’t tell by looking at them… the tailor had somehow, miraculously in my opinion, kept the original hem while shortening the leg!!  I set out closely examining these jeans because I was determined to figure out HOW in the world this was accomplished!